Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A little bento

goes a long way.

This is my friends shop/blog Lunch is boring for selling bento's but what she also does is show u how her and her family use them. Gives you ideas for what to put in your own.

Really wish i had a camera for picturing mine, as they do get a bit inventive.
Here is my pinterest group for my lunches

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Little catch up.

I haven't forgotten about here, I don't have great access to the net just now :(

Lost my mobile fone the same week i was getting my upgrade delivered. the delivery company refuse to leave with neighbour, the mobile company refused to change delivery address to work.
I have called numerous times to get handset redelivered only to be told i am not allowed my upgrade and next time im due is 2015.
Frustrating is an understatement, more so when you get put through to a forign company, where the people struggle to understand the queens english let alone a Scottish accent!

Started running in prep for Tough Mudder.
I am soo unfit.
I ran around the valley
and I almost crawled into the house.
(the works computer is playing up, paint wont open, I was going to alter a map of where I ran and post that.)
e.t.a. picture, it worked this morning.
I have blanked out the street names etc.
My house is the house with the red cross, (my parents and granda are the ones with the red blobs on them). I came out and ran to the left, the path you see me cut through the trees is an actual path, it now has lampposts going through the legnth of it. I did not go right around the valley as then everyone would see me, and I am in no fit shape for anyone to be seeing haha!

Weighed myself whilst in my grandas last week. I am 12 and a half stone. Bought new clothes at the weekend and I am now a size 16 :(

My diet is ok, could be improved, but in general it is ok. I dont move enough for the amount of food that I do consume (breakfast, lunch, dinner and the odd snack/treat). Meals are veg heavy, rarely do I have potatoes/chips, bread, and not a lot of meat. Eat a lot of fruit and veg, try and make most of my food from scratch or as close to as possible, budget depending, I will choose organic/local over supermarkets. I try and buy my meat from one of the many local butchers we have, and I try and use the only greengrocers as much as possible.
Meats I will buy is pork, lamb, turkey and chicken. Don't buy beef as it makes us feel unwell and sluggish for days.

Went to Perth at the weekend. It was an voucher. We picked a wet weekend to go.
Stayed in Muarryshall House Hotel. Couldn't get out to play golf as the ground was saturated. Lyle had his first shot on the driving range though. He loved it!
Went up to Blairgowrie and The Spittal of Glenshee, parked in a layby and made a snowman and had a snowball fight. was great fun! A bit dissapointed that Scone Palace was closed.

Wasn't too impressed with the food in the main restaurant, although it was nice, it wasn't £15 nice for a small bit of cod. The deserts were amazing! A chocolate pot full of amazingly devine chocotale mousse (yes I paid dearly for that the next day, dairy allergies are not to be sniffed at, seriously; Do Not Sniff in the room the next day!). Exquisite merange made off the cuff as they use custard in the base of a sorbet.

Both nights all three of us were asleep for 10pm, and up early the next mornings.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Frugal Jan

First month keeping track of what I am spending.
I know I havent included everything yet, as I have left receipts in the house. So this is just a first draft.