Monday, 10 February 2014

Cup Cakes

 Tea Party!


(This should have been posted last week! Silly phone.)

This week has been a week of allsorts.
Weather wise we have had everything; cold, wet, windy, sleet, snow and sunshine. Just wish it would snow to get it over with and start on spring already.
At home, I've cleared a bit, moved a lot, rearranged a lot, yet it never looks tidy. I made mini chocolate fudge cakes for the first time, and they were delicious, even Lyle said so.
I'm waiting on a friend coming to take my tumble dryer. I have used this around 10 times in 6 years. I had to un-wire it, pull cable through worktop, pull and haul and pull a lot more as the back "legs" were stuck between where my black flooring ended and some scrap flooring as we didn't have enough to make a great finish. But no one sees under the appliances do doesn't matter. I rewired the plug and I am proud of myself. First time and all is good :)
I have been busy finishing the baby wavy blanket. It just now needs a border and to tie in all the lose ends.
It is currently 75cm long and will end up costing around £30 for the wool.
My manager asked me to make her girl something for her birthday in just over a weeks time. I'm thinking some cakes for her dollies tea parties. I have a load of wool here to be used up, so I am not charging, but hopefully they might generate a little interest.

Harry Potter Party links to blog ideas

Some great ideas for HP parties.

E.T.A. spell book ideas  - some different books/labels. can print double sided ok. - no sew book cover using the above spell book  - cant get it to print on both sides so taht it comes out good, but if i glue the pages together it looks good. - using a photo book to insert the spells, looks good, will be expensive for 20+ kids list of all spells. great tutorial to make house ties and robes  ideas for potions. (and future party!) reading tea leaves at a party t-shirt robes ideas

This was one of the first potter party blogs i had seen. great ideas including the wall for platform 9 3/4.