Monday, 10 January 2011

Lay a little egg for me.

Issue 28 of  'Lets Get...Crochet' has a page on doing an egg cosy like a chicken,  I found the pic on google images.

I had a wee shot at making one myself last night, start witha chain of 35 and join, check

one row of trebles.... erm ok i think

next row of trebles ... hmm, easy - i think

erm, trebles is dc in american yeah?
some halves then crochet 14 together, some halves then 14 together and join... hmmm... i have 6 left??? what have i done!

rip rip rip

start again, with less chain and it comes out not bad,
i did not like the instructions, not clear at all. and i think i am a competent pattern reader. would not recommend this pattern to anyone new to crochet.

but here is a pic or 2 of my chick, minus her eyes, i was tired when i started making this and was too tired to go looking for blue to sew the eyes on.

Lyle seems pleased with his chicken, im going to try another in a different colour so he has them for his boiled eggs at nursery.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Peter Pan

I left the seams and stitching visable, as i thought it looked better, and more like what a child left to their own devices would do

Baby Slippers

Baby Slippers, the cream are georgous!

Christmas Tree

got pattern from Crochet Today, should be a garland of trees to hang up, but I made them individually

Thank You

Made this for my sons nursery when he finished up last summer.

Jumbo Cupcake

My Jumbo Cupcake
decorated by my 3 year old son :)

I did have more pics, but they must not be uploaded to the comp yet.

Need to find cake boxes big enough to fit so I can use as birthday presents.


 also need to get better at piping icing

Baby Blankets

Some Pictures of different baby blankets i have done.

 This one is cream and lilac, think it was my first attempt at a granny square blanket

This blanket i made as part of my sons nursery 'world around us' thingy, they send them all off to an orphanage in romania at end of Jan.
Took me 2 weeks, i get bored very easily, so gave up rather quickly... the wool was donated to the nursery

I am rather please with the way it turned out, and i only had to buy 1 more navy wool to get it to that size.

I love this blanket, although the pictures are not of it completed. i added on little pink bows about 5 rows up, so it could be folded over or out flat and would have them as a nice border.
The blanket looks small, but it stretches out and is made to fit a car seat - the recipiant said it fits perfect in their pram

basket weave

The Basket Weave stitch i followed from TJW1965 on You Tube.
I got soo many comments about this scarf and hat that it always made me smile :)
(please excuse the mess in the background or the fact my son is a little, erm lacking in clothes.! )

Baby Booties

 My First ever pair of baby booties made, got the pattern from a knitting mag extra, cant find it now to give the details unfortunately, or to make some more!
I do find these very cute
I used a baby wool which has a sparkle going through the wool so the booties look nice and 'glittery'
 made a pair of baby high tops, but missed 3 rows that would make them taller (do'h)

Baby Blocks

 This one i sewed up instead of crochetting up, and was the first one i done, so i was really please with it

These are all knitted, think it was 16 stitches by 27 rows, then crocheted together, then i cut out letters from felt and sewed on.
i stuff with toy stuffing and in some i added a few small bells so they made a noise when the baby shakes them.

They can go in the washing machine, and so far, no one has said that they come apart.
make a great wee christening present.
and relitively quick to make (for me, a few hours spread over a week and 1 was done)