Friday, 7 June 2013

The future generations...

I posted this on my facebook yesterday. 

This applies to all in contact with a child, but as it is coming up for Father's Day, its appropriate to post it just now. It does not take just sperm to make you a Dad. It takes time, effort, energy and patience. In return you are rewarded with the biggest smiles, lots of fun, laughter, both at yourself and WITH the child, and along with all this, you get love and respect. You show a child respect and they will return that to you too. I am really grateful for Gordon, and everything he does with Lyle. Sure their are a few things that bug me, but I've been doing this on my own since the sperm met the egg, so that is to be expected. Yet I can't fault him one bit when it comes to his relationship with Lyle. And luckily for us, Lyle feels really at ease around him too. Please read this post and take it on board at what you are doing to the future generations.
You just broke your child. Congratulations. by Danoah or Single Guy Laughing. 

What he witnessed was horrible, but its not an unusual sight either. Having studied to be a social carer, then a social worker and then social studies like psychology, sociology, social policy... I can understand why he didn't say anything to the man. The repercussions for him speaking up for the child could have caused the child more harm than good. 

I hate being in my town. I see/hear this type of parenting all the time. 

I live in a poverty stricken town on the West Coast of Scotland. The people who lived here helped build The New World. we built the best ships in the world. We housed The Sugar Houses, The Rope works... Thatcher came along, and after she destroyed our world (she also done a few, very few, things for us.) other governments came in, local councils run by idiots, it is only now, with the SNP in Scottish Government that we are NOW starting to see improvements... but the years of neglect. Anyways, back to my point, the people here have no hope, and they seem to pass that attitude down to thier children. The attitude you see being 'dished' out to children is horrendous. Ok, we don't see people smack their kids much any more, but you hear the threat. It is their in the tone of their voice, the look in their eyes and it also comes out in their words 'w8 til ah git u hame!', 'ahm gonna batter u.' , and the one I heard on the bus going home one day abt 3 years ago, the wee boy was about 6, had on his school uniform, asking for something to eat as he was soo hungry and hadn't had anything since lunch (at 12 o'clock it was now after 6pm, I was coming home from college or uni with my 3 year old son, who was also hungry, but his after school care had given him a decent snack at abt 4pm of toast/fruit or cereal) and the mum turned around and shouted at the boy "Shut ur face n if i hear another word oot oh yir mouth, yir goin straight to bed when ye git in." Yep, some of the people here even talk like the stupid text speak mixed with our own dialect/slang. 
I have always felt really sorry for that little boy. I always wonder if she followed through with her threat. I don't think it was an empty threat as the little boy was quiet for the rest of the way home. I have always felt guilt that I didn't say anything. But then i live in a rough place. You try to blend in to the background in a way to not get noticed. That day I had my son with me, the mum is known as 'crazy' in other words she would not think twice at attacking infront of kids. I didn't know where she stayed to report that, but then again, no one else on the bus said or done anything either. My guilt should be shared with everyone on the bus that time. Most likely it is not, as that behaviour is the norm. 

Very sad.