Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Window sizes.

I need blinds/curtains. Have done for years, but if I want to pay less to the energy companies then I need to shut out the outside world when it gets cold.
The living room has Venetian blinds, I always wanted wooden slats but unsure how they would work, as I have about 2/4 inch window ledges. My windows are the thickness of my walls. My Venetians are on the wall above the window, I used to have curtains up too.
Need to get them up again.

Here are my measurements.
Lyle has a blackout blind up. I need one for my room, as I have a street lamp right outside my window :(

The kitchen, hall, box room and toilet don't have anything at all.

Soo the hunt begins for good but cheap blinds/curtains.

Front living room
Back living room 70" x 47" 24slats
Kitchen. 47" x 44.5"
Hall. 48" x 27"
Lyles room. 47.5"\/
Toilet. 43.5" x 45.5"
My room
Box room


  1. 47" = 120cm
    44.5" = 113cm
    48" = 122
    27" = 69cm
    70" = 178cm
    43.5" = 111cm

  2. My room. 97" (247 cm) x 48" (122cm)