Friday, 22 November 2013

Night 18

Was disasterous. I was ill. from a virus that is doing the rounds or from eating something with dairy. I don't know, but I was up most of the night.

I had to speak to the school this morning too. Lyle keeps coming home with slips about not having lunch money or not having enough. When he is a school lunch, he has the money there. Yesterday was the 'last straw'. We counted out £1.80 in the car, we put it in his zip part of his bag and we walked up to school, straight in the office doors , came home with slip that said he was 20p short. Last week he had £3 that my mum gave him to use for Children in Need day. She gave him the money on Monday night, Tuesday he said he left the money in the class, something about a dish next to the teachers desk. I wrote a note to say £2 was to go towards the previous Lunch money that was given to him (for not having lunch money -when he did!) and £1 was for donuts on children in need day. When he came home on the Saturday I asked how the previous day had went, was it fun? did he get his donuts? And he started to bubble - yes my son is  a sensitive little soul, and said that it wasn't there, he didnt have as much as what he should have and he could only get one donut - think they sold them for 20p, when I wrote the note we didn't know prices and he wanted to buy his teachers a donut too.
I hate having to speak to the staff at school, it sounds accusatory, when its not intended like that, its a long term relationship you have with the school and if it turns sour, its sour for a looong time. But money is going missing, and it needs highlighted. Thats all I want to do, is highlight it, get the situation watched and see what is happening. He could be dropping hs money. He might not be. We don't know.
I've said to the school and we will see what happens from here.

Plans for tonight: Its Friday. I'm going to visit siome family, go home, DO THE DISHES! Might get a chance to wrap up a few presents. and then sleep. Original plan was to meet up with a good friend for a drink or two and catch up, but my gut can barely handle water just now, never mind the strong stuff. 

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