Thursday, 14 November 2013

Night 9 & 10

Tuesday - Night 9
Stayed up and watched The vampire diaries then I read a little and went to bed just before 12. :( 
I awoke at 9am! Thankfully Lyle has stayed at my parents adn my mum had taken him to school. I quickly got ready and got to work for 9.25. not bad, as i dont start till 9.30.
But I forgot to take the car to the garage! dang nabbit!

Wednesday - Night 10
I let Lyle watch a bit of A diary of a wiimpy kid and turned it off at 8pm. we both went and oil pulled and brushed our teeth with charcoal. Lyle has the beginnings of a hole in his tooth. so used the charcoal to try and reduce the amount of toxins in his mouth. Also increased our intake of reall animal fats in our diet - slow cooked bones to make stock and then use in as much cooking as possible.
After I put Lyle to bed, I went down satirs to read a bit more of my book, but Lyle got back up saying he had a feeling he was going to have a nightmare and could he sleep in my bed. As much as I didn't want to share my bed, he fidgets, and does not sleep with covers on, and takes his pyjamas off at some point every night too; but I let him. I miss sleeping next to him, ok I miss hanging off the side of a king size bed, miss him cuddling into me during the night, holding my hand and all the other lovely stuff your kid does. My kindle ran out of power arounf half past eleven. i didnt ned to brush the teeth as i had done a few hours early and had not eaten or drank anything else since, so straight to bed, snuggled up next to my favorite person in the world and off to the land of nod.
Not for long though.
The wind outside was horrendous.
Woke up around 8 and we where at school for 10 to 9. result.

My Elf on the shelf arrived yesterday. I had to go to the depot and pick it up. Really excited by what is going to happen in December!

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