Monday, 4 November 2013

10pm Bedtime Club

"They say that each hour of sleep BEFORE midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep AFTER midnight." From Heal Thyself!

 I regularly don't get to bed til AFTER midnight, even though at around 9pm I could collapse in a heap and just sleep where I am. Once I have gotten past that stage I then get a second wind, but to do what? Nothing of importance really, iron clothes, do dishes, read a book, but mostly watch some T.V. and not to use it to unwind, coz the things I watch are documentaries that I am interested in, or something where you need to pay attention like Fringe, even my 'normal' telly isn't great for winding down of an evening; Revolution, Vampire Diaries, Nashville, Once Upon a Time... nothing in that lot to ease you into sleep. If I read, I find myself reading through the wee small hours. 

So I am sort of joining Heal Thyself! in their 10 days of 10pm bed times.  

My challenge is to try:
  1. Aim for 20 nights of getting to bed before midnight (bonus points for 10 pm). 
  2. No electronics from 9pm.
  3. Showers in the morning only.
  4. Blog daily of how I am doing
  1. - Giving me the weekends off, although I do intend to continue this at the weekends, it’s just this is day 4 of November and I don’t want to start this as a failure and not reach my targets for November.
  2. - Electronic devices except the TV. I will only be watching programmes that I have pre-recorded. So if I miss it; I miss it, unless I remember to catch it on Catch Up. No watching anything new after 9/9.30. 
  3. - To wake me up better. And stop me going to bed with damp hair.
  4. – To get me back in the habit of daily blogging/writing down how I am – diary style. 
By the end of November I hope that my mood is a lot better, I find myself easy to snap, and poor Lyle is normally the one I am snapping at, for no fault of his own. He is just being himself. I hope my depression is better. I have found myself in tears over nothing a few times lately, my house is messy, I am still putting on weight. Routine is the aim. bed early, hopefully means up at reasonable hour, get more organised, and maybe start fitting in some time for exercise – but that is for Decembers challenge, I need Novembers to go good and start it all off.

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