Saturday, 9 November 2013

Night 5

Night 5 went ok.
Lyle wanted to have a dress up night to watch a DVD. He wanted to be iron man, and I was to dress up as a baby, so I could just wear pyjamas haha.
We watched Kick Ass in my bed with  toffee apple popcorn, some flavoured sparkling water and a lot of chatting. Film was finished for half 9 and lights out for 10!.

I awoke at some time in the early dark hours after hearing a crash of sorts, took me a good half hour to fully wake and realise why I had woken. I checked Lyle's room, checked the boiler, went for a wee then walked back into my room then I smelled it.
Something was cooking.
I ran downstairs and checked the cooker, all good, then I seen the slow cooker and the lid was askew. I forgot I had put bones on to cook to make beef stock/broth. I fixed the lid and put it on low. I was supposed to do that after the film but totally forgot I had even put it on.
Took me ages to get back to sleep. Lyle was in my bed and he is a figet sleeper, it was also roasting under the feather covers, and I couldn't get comfy.
But sleep I did and their wasn't a struggle to fully wake when the alarm went at 8am.

Yesterday Lyle got a new baby sister; Robyn. Scheduled c-section. From what Paul said today, the worst bit was the long wait in hospital to get taken. Alls good both mum n baby are fine. Lyle and his brother Max are away to see the baby today.

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