Thursday, 27 September 2012


... I am currently unemployed. It sort of sucks. Only sort of, as I get to spend the weekends with my son. We can just chill or go out exploring with no time restraints on what we can do. It has been great. At the moment I have very little worries. The mortgage and bills will be covered. Next month is a different story.
But as I write this, I am awaiting a phone call to tell me I start my new career. I got a call back yesterday from an interview I went to on Tuesday, to say they are checking out my reference's and unofficially, the job is almost mine!.
I'm now like a cat in a hot tin roof. Very jumpy, nervous, can't stay still.
Couldn't concentrate on my book (Dan brown - lost symbol), the sort of boyfriend picked today to bring up a 'condition' of us being together and then try and get out of the conversation, and when I told him we were discussing it, he hung the fone up! I've been trying to have part of the conversation for a week or so now, but timing/situation wasn't best. But today he git more than he expected (or what I actually wanted to say, although the implication would have been very clear).
The fact he Hung up is really grating on me. He seems unable to or unwilling to have any conversations with me where he looks like a bad guy. Won't listen to his short comings, yet I have on a few occasions, sat and listened to mine from him.
That will be changing this week.
Only decision I have made today is that if he isn't divorced by end of year, I will be starting 2013 as a single 30 year old. Hopefully an employed, single, 30 year old mum :)

No lunch pictures today. The fone has no memory space, and I have deleted everything I don't want.

I am thinking of joining the October dress project, where u wear one dress for the whole of October. That will depend on if I get the job, as the training is 3 weeks, in a different area, 2 train journeys away. With lots of new people to meet. And I don't want the company to think they have hired a weirdo. If I had been their a while, that would be a different story.

Enjoy your day....


Monday, 24 September 2012

Dinosaur family

Just a quick one today.
Lettuce as a nest, scotch eggs as dinosaur eggs, two cheese dinosaur sandwiches as mummy and daddy, little yellow plums, and banana bread. All with Orange juice carton.

I done a cracker on Friday, thought I had bogged it, but its not here, and I've deleted the pic, as I have no memory space on this fone.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hamburger style lunch

So, our new lunch box arrived today.
And it is a winner!
Lyle loves it. He wanted to try it out last night, so he got a night time snack in it. He spent ages making sure he could close it. It is a bit tricky to close, especially for small children. But he got it!.

Today he has a goats cheese and Chinese leaf lettuce bagel.  A fruit salad (with a Christmas tree pick) consisting of Orange segments, red grapes and strawberries.
A small piece of rocky cake, a yogurt, some mini chocolate fingers. Fruit juice. A banana and water for play time.
This all went in his scooby doo lunch bag that is shaped like a bowling bag. So the box (& food) stays up right.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Feck off Thursday.

It's one of those lovely Scottish days, where the rain is a constant drizzle, you walk from the house to your car and u are soaked, as the drizzle gets everywhere. I love that kind of weather, especially just now, when its not too cold n freezing, although it is getting colder by the day.

I need to start looking into making warm lunches, Lyle isn't a big fan of soups, and the canteen have told ne they won't reheat anything as they can make the food themselves.

Todays lunch was put in the new lunch box, that I am loving already! It consists of a wrap with turkey slices and cucumber slithers. Some chopped cucumber (I need to get more Veg in!) , the very last of the sausages and dippers (these where only added as the carton of juice was too long for that segment) little blob of tomato sauce, and grapes n mandarin segments.
This lunch box also comes with a small snack box, and as it will be a wet play today, I gave him a strawberry jam sandwich with 4 little chocolate fingers and a snack bag of raisins.(he gets 2 play times, so I always make sure he has the option if having something for the afternoon) along with his bottle of water.

Yesterday my fork picks arrived. And we love them. Ok, they are Christmas themed, but so what. They are cute and do a job.  Today he has Rudolf for the fruit and an elf (that sort of looks like a ghost) for the cucumber and sausages.
All I need now is sauce bottles.

Yesterday I had a lot more on my post, but for some strange reason, it didn't post anything after the picture.
Oh well.
Here is Todays picture.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wed, 12th sept 2012

Yesterday in the car, Lyle said to me "mum, everyone loves my lunches you make" . I drove home with a massive smile on my face after he told me he opened his lunch and said "cool lunch mum" and everyone wanted to see/eat it :-)

For today I made sandwiches, using a dinosaur cutter, I even cut out the turkey with it too, so it all fitted good. I rummaged in the fridge and used up the last of the cocktail sausages and the southern fried chicken dippers. Couple of leaves of a Chinese lettuce, sliced some cucumbers

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Slept in Tuesday's lunch

awoke at 8.17am, not very good when we need to leave the house at 8.45am to make sure we get to school on time.
so todays lunch consists of cocktail sausages, southern fried chicken strips, blob of tomato sauce, grapes, cucumber, grated carrots and some breakfast called chocolate pillows.... orange juice and yogurt.
iced gems (& bottle of water, &a manderin) for playtime.

tonight i hope to make carrot cake to add to tomorrows lunch.

me, i am just about to make some beetroot soup that i got for about 5p a packet in the world of food isle ... i think it is Polish, the instructions are diagrams so cant be too hard to make haha.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday lunch for a dreary day.

Lunch time is now taking over nearly all my waking moments. It is all I think about. From what containers do I have, to I absolutely must buy a Bento box (recently bought a hamburger shaped one & can not wait for it to arrive, via from Hong Kong!).
I am constantly thinking of what to put in those containers. Last week was sandwiches or bagels, with some fruit and a little sweet...
To start this week off, I used small round crackers/biscuits.3 slices of lime, corriander & chilli chucked, diced, goats cheese sliced and 4 cocktail sausages sliced. These went in silicon cupcake cases and into the 2 small sections of the tub.
In the big space is a small bunch of red grapes and a few chocolate coins.
I added an alpro soya chocolate yogurt to the spiderman lunch bag and then from the car (as half my messages are still their from my Tesco shop at 1am!), I added a carton of Orange juice to complete his lunch.
I am actually jealous!
My lunch will most likely be a plain ham sandwich.

If anyone is interested, his play piece today is a Btl of water with the choice of mini pancakes or a 'pains au chocolat'  or fruit flakes.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Life of Lunches....

Todays Lunch for Lyle was hastily arranged, but still seems good. well i wouldnt be unhappy upon opening this. 
alpro soya chocolate milkshake and yogurt.
Bagel with goats cheese and honey ham.
quarter of cucumber thinly sliced and then quartered.
silicon cupcake case of cheerios and another with blueberries.
each wee segment is wrapped in cling film as the lid isnt flush with the inside, so the food moves about.

I am a little proud of this, considering i havent been proper shopping for over a week!