Thursday, 13 September 2012

Feck off Thursday.

It's one of those lovely Scottish days, where the rain is a constant drizzle, you walk from the house to your car and u are soaked, as the drizzle gets everywhere. I love that kind of weather, especially just now, when its not too cold n freezing, although it is getting colder by the day.

I need to start looking into making warm lunches, Lyle isn't a big fan of soups, and the canteen have told ne they won't reheat anything as they can make the food themselves.

Todays lunch was put in the new lunch box, that I am loving already! It consists of a wrap with turkey slices and cucumber slithers. Some chopped cucumber (I need to get more Veg in!) , the very last of the sausages and dippers (these where only added as the carton of juice was too long for that segment) little blob of tomato sauce, and grapes n mandarin segments.
This lunch box also comes with a small snack box, and as it will be a wet play today, I gave him a strawberry jam sandwich with 4 little chocolate fingers and a snack bag of raisins.(he gets 2 play times, so I always make sure he has the option if having something for the afternoon) along with his bottle of water.

Yesterday my fork picks arrived. And we love them. Ok, they are Christmas themed, but so what. They are cute and do a job.  Today he has Rudolf for the fruit and an elf (that sort of looks like a ghost) for the cucumber and sausages.
All I need now is sauce bottles.

Yesterday I had a lot more on my post, but for some strange reason, it didn't post anything after the picture.
Oh well.
Here is Todays picture.

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