Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Uni - social science open day.

Up at Glasgow Caledonia University, had a bit of a crap morning so far, an idiot boy kept calling me at 4am, I slept through the first alarm (I set 3, 2 to get up, and 1 for me to leave the house) so missed breakfast. :( changed bags, drove to college to park, checked bag for purse, its not their! See a tenner in the car, grab that n go for train (at west station ). Its snowing!  On busy busy train. Power walk from Glasgow central up to uni. My names not on the list. :( can't find the room, went into the catering room lol, find room, sit at end of a row, room starts to fill up, everyone has came in small groups so I'm on my own,  nothing new their. Will post update later.