Sunday, 29 July 2012

It finally happened...

<p>One of us took the plunge and called it a day on our relationship. <br>
Thursday 12th July. <br>
A total of 15 months of lies. <br>
Even when we ended he still lied. I didn't call him out on it. I just asked when he was going on holiday, and he insisted he want going, even tho I have seen the payments. I asked if he slept with others, technically he didn't lie at this, as he said I won't hear of him running around, he's correct in that, as he went with ones who stay at least 50miles away from us. <br>
Aw well. </p>
<p>Timing was shit. We where booked for skiing lessons, evening guests at my friends wedding and the Saturday before we ended, he had booked us in to a hotel for one of my best friends wedding. It's booked and paid for. But I won't be able to use it, as I won't have a car to get me their or back. So he has wasted his money.

My son has taken it very badly. Keeps on asking when we will be boyfriend and girlfriend again. Keeps asking to fone him. Go do stuff with him.