Friday, 26 August 2016

September Spending Challenge

September Spending Challenge

I've not been on blogger in yonks. But I'm back to participate in my friends September Shopping Challenge 2016.

Lori has 5 rules for her challenge.
Grocery Shopping - she is allowing herself two days a week for getting the messages in.
Budgeting - they have fluff money, she is aiming to use that after paying all bills etc instead of before.
Spending money - aims to keep better track of this as currently tied up with the grocery account.
No Spend Days (NSD) - she has firm no spending on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and only spending on the 2 days she does the grocery shopping.
Exceptions - they are allowed to eat out 1 night a week using only their spending money.

Lori is a family of 5 with both parents working, mine will be slightly different but sticking with her 5 rules, to fit my family of 2.

Grocery Shopping/ messages - I'm going to allow myself 1 'big' shop per week to get all the essentials in, and 1 top up/forgot shop.
Budgeting - I'm going to meal plan and actually stick with it. I've never managed to do a meal plan before that I have ever stuck to so this will be the big challenge for me.
Spending money - I need to work out how much spending money I actually have, how much I can give as pocket money.
No Spend Days (NSD) - aiming for 15 NSD, so that is 10 days of actual spending on the messages i.e. food, cat food, clothes, toiletries etc. and 5 other days where I can spend on what I deem essential non-essential items. Kind of goes with the spending money as it may not be food/clothing related, but it might, so giving myself this lee way for my first challenge.
Exceptions - Christmas shopping. If I spot a bargain, I'll pick it up, like last night Lego was half price on some kits, so I picked up 3, one for my nephew and 2 for my son.

My NSD doesn't count things like direct debits, standing orders or my son's fitness activities. These will be factored into the budget, but not included when assessing NSD's as some of these are cash only on the day.
Similarly any activities I plan for myself, will be in the budget but not classed as a spend day even if it falls outwith those 10/15 shopping days, as they are planned for activities that I can't pay any other way.

We go watch Ice Hockey. It starts back in September. I plan on including treats as part of my food budget and take the stuff with us, if we don't have anything with us, then we don't get to eat at the game, its not going to kill us, we won't starve, and the kid will probably moan, but that's great character building stuff, right?
Same goes for at Ice hockey practice, it takes us an hour to get there and an hour back. I will start packing lunch again.

I've went through my bank accounts and recorded everything on this great wee spreadsheet. For August their are cash things that are not included , I'll add them if I remember them but for September I WILL FILL IT IN!
Every single day!