Thursday, 18 October 2012

a little update....

I'm really sorry, i haven't been able to get logged on here, it wasn't accepting my password on my mobile or on a p.c., yet its the same one i used to get  on tonight.

New Job is great! I am now beginning to like the work. I detest the travelling. I especially detest it when its really bad weather, and the spray back from the trucks and lorries means I can't see much in front of me.
The money is good I guess, although it is over £4000 less than my last full time job, that being over 3 years ago! But, it is a JOB!!! And pretty soon, I shall be in my own office, in my own town, that will only take me 10 mins to get to after dropping Lyle at school, and I will finish at 5pm! Need to sort out where Lyle will be going after school, so far, my parents take him and he likes that, but they have their own lives to lead, and I can't make them commit to this forever.

Bento's/lunches, most days I have been sticking to my bento idea lunches, I can't take pictures as my memory card is full and my computer is not recognising my mobile to transfer the pictures over to clear my memory card :(
Mine are boring numbers, Lyle's has been a lot better than mine, but they are helping me with the amount of food I am consuming (and spending) each day.
I am liking this, it is on the Lakeland website, I could be doing with this for my snack/breakfast at work.

These look fun! from a great wee company who I have ordered from before, and I intend on ordering from again, the delivery was nice and quick.

This is what I ordered previously

I love this lunch box.the dividers are removable or u can put them both vertical to give you three compartments of the same size, or just use one to give u a skinny vertical area and a square area. Personally, I use it the way it is in the picture, one segment for veg sticks, one for fruit and the other generally for a wrap or sandwiches.
I love that it also comes with a snack box. this fits a half jam sandwich plus about an inch to an inch and a half at the side. I sneak a little treat in here, either a chocolate finger or 2, or a small thin-ish toy to play with like a tiny matchbox car/kinder egg toy type thing.

The little company is called Becky and Lolo, they have a lovely selection of gifts and lunch boxes aimed at kids.
I am thinking of getting the pink one for myself, but that is Lyle's fav colour and I will probably end up with the green. For £6.99, I'll most likely get the blue too :)
To see ours in action, have a quick look here.