Friday, 13 September 2013

7th Birthday

For some reason, today, I am just bursting with ideas for my sons 7th birthday.

He wanted a Harry Potter themed party last year but I could not get anywhere that could accomodate what I wanted to do (have things stuck to the walls/ceiling etc... so this year I want to get super organised.
My friend gave me a website for cheap wands, but at around £10 each, its more than I want to pay for each kid. Going to stick with an idea from the web - when I find the site I will link back to it, chopsticks, glue gun, paint and beads/gems.

I'm planning on making a pináta, with some string attached and they have to perform spells to get it to open.... i'm thinking of making it like the Boggart in the cupboard when Professor Lupin gets the moon.

Sting attached to paper candles and hung over the food table.

Wall to walk in that looks like the brick wall for platform 9 3/4, using old sheet and some paint. Hang this up on the door to the party.

Most wanted poster to have your picture taken in. Bit like a Photo booth thing.

Each child will go home with a Spell Book.

The kids will be split into houses.
Unsure yet if they are going to earn points throughout the day

Unsure yet on how long this is going to last, that may be dictated by price of venue.

Venue - Newark Castle/Fort Matilda train station - need to call and see if they would accomodate us, if yes how much for. If not then back to the thinking board.

Potions Class - mentos n coke, vinegar n bicarb type experiments.
Herbology Class - grow cress seeds or something similar.
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Boggart Pináta
Quidich - using balloons and hola hoops

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Juice diets

Whats it all about?
Think I am slow on the uptake of this 'fad'.
I read a great wee blog called Truely Madly Kids and one of the bloggers blogged about her attempt at the '5lb in 5 days' app by Jason Vale. Since reading her 5 days, it got me thinking; I really need a kick start for my fitness. I was unable to do Tough Mudder due to my face having a golf ball growing out the side due to a dodgy tooth resulting in some bone loss from my jaw and an open wound where the tooth was removed. In a way it was a god send, as I knew I was not at a reasonable level of fitness for Tough Mudder, in another I was gutted, as I still wanted to try it.

Back to the juicing. I ordered his Slim for life book and could not read it. I don't like his style of writing. I then bought his Ultimate Fast Food book, and I could read this one better. Some bits I glazed over, but his thinking is similar to mine.

Don't count calories - anything can make you fat if you do not move, and processed foods are destroying us (he doesn't say this, but their is 2 whole paragraphs on a study done on cats, that is basically telling us this same thing).

I got out my 7 nearly 8 year old juicer last night and juiced 3 organic carrots, 3 little apples, and a few strawberries, and it was delicious (I added some coconut water, just because I think their is a lot of good stuff in coconut water).

Today at work, I juiced 1/4 pineapple, 1 apple and 1 kiwi for breakfast. oh and added some coconut water.

And it tasted good. 

Today at lunch time, I went to Boots the Chemist and weighed myself. I haven't weighed myself in possibly years.

I found out 2 things.

1st; I have shrunk. the machine digitally measures how tall you are. I am now 5 feet 4.1 inches. I have always been 5'5. Always. Not now. Now I am 5' 4.1 or 1.63m

2nd; I weigh  12 stone 12lb. or 82.1kg

Lets make that 3 things. My B.M.I is 30.9.

I officially weigh more now than when I was over 8 months pregnant.

My slip also advises that my ideal B.M.I. is between 18.5 and 25 which equates to 7st10lb (49.1kg) to 10st6lb (66.4kg). From personal experience, 7 stone anything is too skin and bone for me, my best is from 8 stone to 9 stone, it is when I look my best.  Long term goal is to get to 9st.

Looks like that gym membership is closer to being purchased, but at nearly £40 a month, will I use it enough to justify the price?