Monday, 10 March 2014

Todays juice and #100happydays coincide.
I purchased this nifty wee drinking flask to use in the freezer. My aim is to make my lunch the night before, freeze it and take with me in the morning, it should be thawed enough by afternoon to drink.
My juice this morning is 3 apples, 2 parsnips cucumber and a tiny teeny weeny bit of ginger, then topped with coconut water.
Doesn't taste too bad.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Strawberry grapefruit coconut water

Into this baby went 3 apples, 1 carrot, drank almost half then added about 1 fifth of grapefruit, white pith on, skin peeled, and 6 medium strawberries. It tasted Erm... Tart, added in coconut water to full it up and its delicious. The coconut water balances that aftertaste from the grapefruit perfectly.
Once this baby has been drunk, I'm out a walk/run in horrible weather.
And the weatherman said it was to be dry!. My house sounds like if the wind changes direction it will collapse. Smirry rain everywhere.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


So I've been doing more juices lately, mostly in the mornings, to get me used to making and cleaning in the school rush. With Lent coming up I decided to do a juice for breakfast and lunch with only fruit n veg for snack, have a healthy meal at dinner with Lyle and try and continue to healthy snacks, but that I can have puddings etc as long as its not excessive.
Yesterday was ok until I was watching greys anatomy, I *needed* something. I had some chilli nachos. I was not hungry, I just had a habit that I need to break. Tonight I aim to be prepared with some watered down chilled juice.

This mornings juice was 2 parsnips, 2 celery sticks, 2 apples, quarter cucumber and was nice.

Not the best, but drinkable, no nasty aftertaste.

I am getting a bit of a headache but nothing too bad.

Day 4 - Wednesday

I love when my hair gets long and the curls are amazing shapes. Just made me soo happy!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ash Wednesday/Juice day 1

Juice 1

Handfuls of kale, spinach, wild rocket, 1 carrot and parsnip, 2 sticks of celery teaspoon of mixed seeds n nuts.

Verdict - drinkable

Juice 2 half 8ish at night.

1/2 lime no skin, keep pith on. 1 parsnip, 2 pears, 1 apple. (Should have ice and mint, I have neither)
Pic of juice 2

Dinner was 1 piece if fish in batter, oven cooked,

Snacks 2 bananas - 12.30 and 4 ish.

Took Lyle to get our ashes tonight.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

#Day 3 - Tuesday

Miserable morning, Lyle n I had fun in the car on the way to school. I find out loads during our trips to school.
We got out and this little beauty was trying to come through.
Today was my cousins 94 year old grandas funeral, I couldn't go as I had no cover at work, but I went along to the wake during my lunch. It's not the same, and feels a bit like a fraud going after the actual service.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Day #2 - Monday

#100happydays, day 2.
Getting to pick my son up from after school care early, being able to go to the park whilst the cold sun shone, spotting a ladybug, ladybug going from climbing frame to me to Lyle. Lyle being ok with ladybugs being on him.

(Rest of the day was at work, then dentist. Really painful visit. Getting root treatment is not even half as sore! Temp filling as nerve and pulp are healthy, no idea why abscess appeared.)

Day #1 - Sunday

Joining in with the #100happydays, from what I can gather, u post a pic of what makes you happy. I'll start with yesterday and what made me happy.
Spending a lazy morning in bed with my fav person in the whole world. He wanted to do crazy selfies, his arm isn't long enough haha.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

#purple army

I was supposed to go to a hen party - 80's theme, in a local hall, but this week I got ANOTHER abscess, in a tooth that we haven't had 'on the plans'. So to cheer me up, I booked us tickets to go see Braehead Clan Ice Hockey, they were playing Edinburgh Capitals.
I tried to get tickets near my friends who go, but no seats were left for that section.
We got to Braehead nice and early, picked up our tickets at the box office and made our way through, through to a small merchandise area, a small rollover hotdog stand, some raffle sellers and a 'food/drinks' area. They sold nachos , small tubs of Pringles and the share packs of maltesers, skittles etc, the drinks consisted of beer, cider, coke and £1.50 for a bottle of water.
We had a look at the merchandise on offer, t-shirts, replica tops, teddys, all-in-ones, bags, laptop bags and a few smaller items.

We had discussed in the car on the way up, that if we seen anything we liked, we would find out how much it costs and then IF we liked the game, then if we go back again, we could then buy something.
Lyle spotted the clan teddy with its Clan top on and really wanted one "to hug into when cold and also to use as a pillow in the car on the way home" (I forgot to bring the pillow pet/blanket as it was to be a late one home). I stuck to what I had said in the car and we left with no fuss.

We headed to our seats, section C row K .
We were the second row of the
Top tier (only 2 tiers, even at the top the seats are good).
We thought we could see everything, almost at the centre line, good clear view of both goals.

The place went dark. People brought out their mobiles and put on a purple screen, the players started to come out.

Lyle did not like this. He does not like loud noises, changes that he is not aware of, gets genuinely petrified of change, goes all white and clammy. I think if I was to get him tested he would rank low on an aspergers type test.

The lights came back on and we all stood to sing one verse of the Scottish National song 'Flower of Scotland' then the game began.

Across from us the people sang songs, clapped hands and generally looked like ther were having fun. All around us, no one sang, no one joined in clapping, no one done the Mexican Wave. 1st play finished and my friend txt to say seats infront of her was free, so we moved over there. Lyles interest on the game picked up from then on, we could see the 'dug outs' , see the players come off and on, we could see the whole arena from these seats. Lyle joined in with the chants and claps, even shouting 'come on the clan' on his own.

After the game ended - we won 2-1, we went down stairs as went skating, getting to meet all the players from the Clan, get autographs and pictures taken. Got to say, that was fab! I was wobbly skating, well it has been about 15 years since I last skated. Lyle was terrified but he done great.

He asked repeatedly to go back, but not to skate.
He fell asleep on the way home, happy.

This morning I booked us in for the last game of the season.

Some meet the Clan pics with my friends kids too.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Cup Cakes

 Tea Party!


(This should have been posted last week! Silly phone.)

This week has been a week of allsorts.
Weather wise we have had everything; cold, wet, windy, sleet, snow and sunshine. Just wish it would snow to get it over with and start on spring already.
At home, I've cleared a bit, moved a lot, rearranged a lot, yet it never looks tidy. I made mini chocolate fudge cakes for the first time, and they were delicious, even Lyle said so.
I'm waiting on a friend coming to take my tumble dryer. I have used this around 10 times in 6 years. I had to un-wire it, pull cable through worktop, pull and haul and pull a lot more as the back "legs" were stuck between where my black flooring ended and some scrap flooring as we didn't have enough to make a great finish. But no one sees under the appliances do doesn't matter. I rewired the plug and I am proud of myself. First time and all is good :)
I have been busy finishing the baby wavy blanket. It just now needs a border and to tie in all the lose ends.
It is currently 75cm long and will end up costing around £30 for the wool.
My manager asked me to make her girl something for her birthday in just over a weeks time. I'm thinking some cakes for her dollies tea parties. I have a load of wool here to be used up, so I am not charging, but hopefully they might generate a little interest.

Harry Potter Party links to blog ideas

Some great ideas for HP parties.

E.T.A. spell book ideas  - some different books/labels. can print double sided ok. - no sew book cover using the above spell book  - cant get it to print on both sides so taht it comes out good, but if i glue the pages together it looks good. - using a photo book to insert the spells, looks good, will be expensive for 20+ kids list of all spells. great tutorial to make house ties and robes  ideas for potions. (and future party!) reading tea leaves at a party t-shirt robes ideas

This was one of the first potter party blogs i had seen. great ideas including the wall for platform 9 3/4.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Driech Sunday

It's soo miserable out. The rain is relentless, their is snow on yonder hills. It is leaving us with an icy wind. You just want to stay indoors, wrapped up, preferably with a blanket, bed socks and a real hot chocolate, instead we are here; Kelburn Country Estate, outside on rope swings and walking beside swollen, gorged, fast flowing streams. We went into the little cafe, where even the simplest of foods are extortionate and quiet frankly not worth the going rate, never mind the increase rate.  We played it safe with a bacon roll between us (the pasta gran made was far too spicy) the between use was a compromise as Lyle only wanted a tuna sandwich and they had no tuna, also our bacon was the last available.
We attempted to hide from the horrible weather by hiding out in the playbarn. I think it is still thawing from the last ice age!

So with our fingers, nose and toes numb, home we head, for a well deserved heat!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

My little wish list

Let's see how much of this I can't 'have' by the end of the year.

A leaner body - not skinny, but healthy
A healthier mind and body - more being active, more of the good food, and less of the bad stuff
A healthy bank balance
An emergency fund of around £500
A holiday abroad
A holiday to the caravan park that Lyle loves
An ice cream maker - to make delicious ice cream that doesn't make us ill
A bread maker
A range style cooker
A chest freezer
A small fridge with an even smaller freezer on top
Chicken Coop and chickens
A washing machine
More crochet getting done
Start sewing again
Grow food
Write more - just ramblings but it does clear the head
Sell Lyle's bed and get him a trundle so we can have Rio over to stay
New bed for my room
Get car fixed then sold, get cheap to run car
Get pantry built
Donate old clothes, bags and shoes
Car boot the toys
Make things to sell
Bed earlier every night
Enjoy something from everyday
Squirrel away money every day- well 5 days at least
Request reduced working hours
Spend more happy times with Lyle
Tidy more daily
Clear out often
Use bike more
Visit friends more
Get Out There more

Bit of a long list of stuff , not all going to be done in 2014, but charity shops will be getting scoured regularly for some of the stuff.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Can't sleep

Tonight me n Lyle went to bed early, we put on a film - Diary of a wimpy kid 2 and when it finished we went to sleep, around 9pm.
Yey! Early to sleep. Great way to start 2014.

Then I awoke at about half one in the morning.
It's now around half four.
It's not fair.
I want to cry, but then I will wake Lyle again - who woke to tell me 'you are such a, a.... a reader' then dozed back off into a fidgety sleep.

I should have probably gotten up and done some housework, or watched a film, or read a book. Instead, I had a gander through Facebook, mortgage free in three, frugal queen, then after I had put the phone away, I started imagining my kitchen with these tall freezers, now I don't think they are going to fit with me being able to keep (my still imaginary) pantry. Now I'm thinking small chest freezer. In black. To go with the as yet un-bought washing machine, and the even further off un-bought range style cooker. 

My super early morning search shows me that a black chest freezer is very unlikely in the UK. Now I am wondering if I can put a small white on in my cupboard under the stairs, which currently houses the electrical supply to my house and about 6 other houses in the street, along with my camping gear, ironing board, mop bucket, steam cleaner and a few other random items.
If that is an option, then I could purchase a smeg type fridge with small freezer on top, obviously not pay through the nose for Smeg though.

Ahh why can't my brain shut off.

And all because when I went through a light sleep cycle I heard a noise and ny brain started to think, was it the cat, or someone stealing your bike?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year - 2014 I have expectations

As I lay here in my bed, mulling over 2013, I realise it was not too bad at all, I know going forward; I need to release the repressed anger I have towards my somnophiliac ex-boyfriend. I need to leave the anger I feel towards myself for allowing me to stay in such a toxic relationship. I am more mad at myself for not following my instincts than I am for anything else I have ever done in my life.

So, I am hoping to channel those feelings into creating a better me. Santa very kindly left me and Lyle New bikes, and we intend to be out on them at every opportunity available.

Family also gave me lots of vouchers to spend. And spend I intend on doing. On boring items, like a new washing machine, a new small fridge and a tall larder freezer. I found out it is more economical for me to buy a tall standing freezer, with lots more storage space and a small fridge than it is to buy an American Fridge Freezer, or even a fridge freezer on-top-of-each-other unit. 

I explained to Lyle what resolutions are and why we make them.
Last year mines was to have more experiences and I think we did.
We went glamping in Glendaruel,

went to the jousting at Linlithgow Palace,


went to MurrayMarshall House Hotel in Perthshire

Kelburn Country Estate (lots) and Lyle eventually got the confidence to do the rope swing.

I went to the Example concert

Lana Del Ray concert

And these are only some of our highlights from 2013.

Lyles resolution for this year is 'to have more fun with mum'.
And mine this year is 'to take Lyle on a holiday abroad' as well as continuing with last years of 'making memories' with the cheap days out.

I have plans 2014. Don't you think you can fuck them up with this cancer scare. Don't even dare.

(Pics added when I get to work haha)

Saving this for Elf on the Shelf

As the title says.
I need to work from a p.c. for that post, and I have been itching to get to work since Christmas day just for that reason.