Thursday, 2 January 2014

Can't sleep

Tonight me n Lyle went to bed early, we put on a film - Diary of a wimpy kid 2 and when it finished we went to sleep, around 9pm.
Yey! Early to sleep. Great way to start 2014.

Then I awoke at about half one in the morning.
It's now around half four.
It's not fair.
I want to cry, but then I will wake Lyle again - who woke to tell me 'you are such a, a.... a reader' then dozed back off into a fidgety sleep.

I should have probably gotten up and done some housework, or watched a film, or read a book. Instead, I had a gander through Facebook, mortgage free in three, frugal queen, then after I had put the phone away, I started imagining my kitchen with these tall freezers, now I don't think they are going to fit with me being able to keep (my still imaginary) pantry. Now I'm thinking small chest freezer. In black. To go with the as yet un-bought washing machine, and the even further off un-bought range style cooker. 

My super early morning search shows me that a black chest freezer is very unlikely in the UK. Now I am wondering if I can put a small white on in my cupboard under the stairs, which currently houses the electrical supply to my house and about 6 other houses in the street, along with my camping gear, ironing board, mop bucket, steam cleaner and a few other random items.
If that is an option, then I could purchase a smeg type fridge with small freezer on top, obviously not pay through the nose for Smeg though.

Ahh why can't my brain shut off.

And all because when I went through a light sleep cycle I heard a noise and ny brain started to think, was it the cat, or someone stealing your bike?

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