Sunday, 26 January 2014

Driech Sunday

It's soo miserable out. The rain is relentless, their is snow on yonder hills. It is leaving us with an icy wind. You just want to stay indoors, wrapped up, preferably with a blanket, bed socks and a real hot chocolate, instead we are here; Kelburn Country Estate, outside on rope swings and walking beside swollen, gorged, fast flowing streams. We went into the little cafe, where even the simplest of foods are extortionate and quiet frankly not worth the going rate, never mind the increase rate.  We played it safe with a bacon roll between us (the pasta gran made was far too spicy) the between use was a compromise as Lyle only wanted a tuna sandwich and they had no tuna, also our bacon was the last available.
We attempted to hide from the horrible weather by hiding out in the playbarn. I think it is still thawing from the last ice age!

So with our fingers, nose and toes numb, home we head, for a well deserved heat!

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