Thursday, 22 September 2016

September Challenge Mid Month Update

Week one I was under £50 for shopping that week . Spent £4 on school lunches, £4 on kids boxing.

Week Two was £65 for shopping, £6 on lunches, £10 at Clan games on food and 50/50 tickets. £4 on boxing - lack of preparation makes for bigger spending!

Week Three is currently a disaster.

New spending is Boxing for me at £6 per week. So £10 per week on boxing for the two of us.

Also this week I have splashed out on amazon prime (!), bought the dishwasher hoses I've needed and picked my flooring for the downstairs.
Ordered some Christmas presents, bought some wraps for me, still need to get boxing gloves. I'll get them next week.
Also bought myself some new work out wear as my current stuff is two, yes 2 sizes too small. so that was £70odd. All I got was a pair of leggings/joggers, work out top and work out zipper and a pair of cheap trainers. As my only other pair of trainers where still covered in mud from Pretty Mudder.

Week one was great, I planned all meal and snacks. Even survived with my parents being on holiday and having to pick up my son from school every day.

Also more random news. Following a method called curly girls to sort my hair, and my hair has never been so healthy. I've always used conditioner as my 'mousse', 'hairspray', 'gel' and its always worked for soo long before the frizz got to much, but reading the information from diva curls/curly girls, I've cut out the silicones and sulphates and bad alcohols from my hair care and now my conditioner costs me 75p a bottle, I only use water or the conditioner to wash my hair. My curls are big and bouncy if I leave my hair to dry without any conditioner. If I put conditioner in to dry, the curls are more like curls with product in them, more defined, or 'lumped' together whereas the big bouncy curls are individual strands all curled together. its strange to describe. As much as I like the big bouncy curls, its not me, so for now, I'll keep with the 75p conditioner for when going out, and big bouncy curls after washing when having a 'stay at home' day.

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