Monday, 10 January 2011

Lay a little egg for me.

Issue 28 of  'Lets Get...Crochet' has a page on doing an egg cosy like a chicken,  I found the pic on google images.

I had a wee shot at making one myself last night, start witha chain of 35 and join, check

one row of trebles.... erm ok i think

next row of trebles ... hmm, easy - i think

erm, trebles is dc in american yeah?
some halves then crochet 14 together, some halves then 14 together and join... hmmm... i have 6 left??? what have i done!

rip rip rip

start again, with less chain and it comes out not bad,
i did not like the instructions, not clear at all. and i think i am a competent pattern reader. would not recommend this pattern to anyone new to crochet.

but here is a pic or 2 of my chick, minus her eyes, i was tired when i started making this and was too tired to go looking for blue to sew the eyes on.

Lyle seems pleased with his chicken, im going to try another in a different colour so he has them for his boiled eggs at nursery.


  1. Hi there! So glad you decided to join our *A MAKE A MONTH 2011* - looking forward to seeing what you make - my makes are always very simple!! love Annie xx