Friday, 30 August 2013

Christmas List 2013

To be added to until Christmas 

Big boys bike  (Deposit paid)  Just to wait til christmas and collect his. 
Bike Pump
Bike gloves
Bike repair kit that goes under your seat

Robo fish
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Costumes (made one for halloween. see here)

Wii games x 2 - Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 and 5-7
DS game - Lego something or other


Mum and Dad

Still Game tickets and night in hotel room.  - chipping in with Sister and Brother

Great Granda

Lauren and Steven
Cinema Hamper
Odeon Vouchers,
2pairs of 3d glasses,
Share bags of sweets


Breaking Bad 
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3


Bike (money getting paid in when over that side of town)
Bike Gloves
Bike repair kit that goes under your seat


Hamper Ideas
Tea sets - tea, biscuits, mugs.
Cinema Night at home

Advent Ideas 

Pantomime tickets

Christmas Eve Elf

Let me explain a bit here. I have never had any real Traditions for Christmas, other than the tree goes up the weekend AFTER my birthday. After having Lyle, I read that others done a Christmas Eve hamper that consisted of things to do like a DVD to watch etc. So I started ours with new pj's and a new toothbrush, a short Christmas DVD, some dry cookie mix with instructions on how to make cookies for Santa and the reindeers, some magic reindeer food to sprinkle outside and now a key to get in. 
I started this when he was 3, his dad had him and dropped off a really sick boy on christmas eve (gave him dairy). soo much that at half 5 he asked to go to bed, burning temp and not interested in opening his present the elf left him. 
When he was 4, I wrapped the box up and left it on his bed, at 6 pm i sent him up to get his jammies and the excitement that came from the room was amazing! he came running down with these new christmas jammies, and a film saying the elves left it. He even brought me down new jammies that the elf had left for me!
Last year he asked me if I thought the elves would leave new jammies for Gordon, so I bought Gordon a mans set of pj's, and Lyle was excited when he got stuff for all 3 of us to do.

2 x toothbrushes - toothbrush heads as we both got electric toothbrushes.
2 x Christmas PJ's - Spiderman Onsies, mum bought and is giving for the Xmas Eve Hamper
Christmas DVD
Cookie Mix
Colouring in book and pens

Recent Politics

Syria, it's a bit of a touchy subject just now.

Personally, I have not been following this as closely as I should have. But I am glad that the UK has decided, for now, not to get involved.
The problem we have, as outsiders looking in, is that we only hear what we are allowed to hear. We do not have any evidence (yet) of who done what. What if we went in, all guns blazing, and brought down a leader who did not use chemicals on his own people, when in fact it was the 'rebels'? Same rebels who were counting on Western Intervention to further them.

On the other hand though, who IS going to go help all the innocent people who are being chemically wiped out?