Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Still ill....

both me and Lyle have had that horrible viral flu for 3 weeks now! Lyle is a LOT better, thankfully. It was very worrying seeing him soo ill, extremly high temp 38/39degrees! glazed look in his eyes... horrible horrible horrible.
Its the worst part of being a parent.
worse part of being a single parent?
running out of medicine/essential foods and having to take a sick child out to get more. I left the food, well grabbed a carton of milk as it was next to the pharmacy in tesco, but medicine was the main priority.

we went back to drs on friday, to get told we're on the mend, but to expect a cough that might last for upto 10 weeks! TEN weeks? my body cant cope with this cough. its horrendous! I sound like I've been smoking 40 a day for 20 years, whereas reality is, ive never smoked a day in my life. when i cough i also start boaking too.. it feels like i have a cobweb in my wind pipe that wont budge, and when im lying down, i can hear the bubbles its making when i breathe.
Hoping to get an appointment tomorrow as im not coping at all.

Lyle is perfectly fine, just has an odd cough now an again. But its not violent like a few days ago.

I had picked out some nice wallpaper for around a year now, but couldnt find any stockists anywhere! and just before i got this dam flu, i found it! John Lewis shop window! so away i goes in get some samples to take home... its £39 a roll, and it looks like i need 4 rolls for the 1 wall.

Sandersons dandelion clocks

whilst thier i found another one, ordered some samples - they still havnt arrived yet :(
its Harlequin Gardenia, and im in love!

This one is my fav! ivory. 

Wanted the dandilion clocks for my living room, £39 a bolt, need 4... Like the idea of the Gardenia one for my room, would only need 1 bolt @£49 (im sure that was only £36 in the shop?)... but as i keep seeing the dandilion one everywhere! on Emmerdale and Hollyoaks to name a few places... ive sort of went off it :( so might just stick with my original bedroom idea of plain white everywhere and bring color in via my bed... and get the harlequin one for the livingroom, but i do not want to pay near £200 for wall paper for 1 wall!

looking at new couch too... one of those interst free for 4 year type deals...
This one is the best couch i have ever sat on in my life! My parents have it. I want it. I NEED it!

well im going to finish this own brand lemsip, then bed, hope i get a better sleep than previous sleeps have been.

night all

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  1. Oh dear your cough sounds horrendous, hope you get the medication you need soon.
    As for wallpaper thats a lot of dosh! I see dandelions everywhere now must be the latest thing, even got it in New Look!