Monday, 28 September 2009

Hallo'ween, what to make?

ok, so Lj's really into Peter Pan. But for a friends party in May i made a Peter Pan costume (see my profile pic :)) my fingers where sooo sore after hand stitching the material onto teh stiffner board stuff. but due to already being Peter Pan this year, i'm thinking of attempting to make a Captain Hook outfit, as he loves playing at being Hook, and attacking me with the pirate sword we got at a recent trip away. But I think its going to be really hard to do. so the Pan outfit is looking good again lol
Then i remembered when we where down England visiting family, i purchased 2 dressing up outfits, 1 a fireman's and 1 a policeman's outfit, both come with hats that have flashing lights and matching sounds, feels like a cop-out if i use one of those tho :(

going to make ghost shape cookies to give out to trick or treaters, this time they will be on sticks and wrapped up. this is teh trial run for the christmas stock :) wish me luck!

Christmas prep - September

Its the end of September and I'd like to list my prep for Christmas so far.

  • Lj: My boy :) a ratatouie watch, a scoobiedoo sand art box thing, a Bob the Builder sand/water table, looks brill! going to do a Christmas Eve hamper to start a new tradition, as I/we dont have any yet, in the hamper goes new PJ's, Housecoat, Slippers, small selection of sweets, a christmassy dvd, colouring in book, some playdoh(homemade)
  • Coby-Leigh: this is my cousins girl, and my God Daughter: a high School Musical digital camera that connects to a p.c. to upload and print pics.
  • Declan: this is my cousins son, and my GodDaughters brother, i call him my GodSon too: a Cars digital camera that connects to the p.c. to upload and print pics
  • Mum: nothing yet, but possibly a hamper with some items of clothing like, funky socks, t-shirt, jumper, sweets, chocs, smelies, jar of homemade cookies n cakes. me n my sister (Lauren) are hoping to chip in n buy a laptop for my mum n dad, n we're working on my brother (Gary) chipping in too.
  • Dad: nothing yet, but possibly a hamper with a few items of clothing, like shirt, t-shirt, socks, undies, chocs, sweets, and a jar of homemade cookies n cakes from Lj.
  • Lauren: nothing yet! no ideas either!
  • Gary: nothing yet! no ideas either!
  • Granda: nothing yet, Idea is a hamper, filled with (love, very cheesy lol) a hand made thick, chunky hat and scarf, some chocolates, some sweets, some fudge, a box of tea bags, box of biscuits, a jar of cookies and cakes homemade from me and Lj.

I also have 2 others who i always buy for, my cousins Kirsty and Kerry, but i think this year im only doing them home baking from Lj, as im really skint.

Also doing 3 of my neighbours a jar of cookies, as these 3 are great, always looking out for me. they are old (over 60) live on their own through divorce or widowed, and family have moved out and away from the area. Lj will decorate the cookies himself, should be interesting :p. I need to buy the patterned celophene from the florists to wrap the cookies up before they go in the jars.

Christmas cards are nearly finished :) during the rainy days of the summer, me n Lj where painting and i drew christmas trees adn he finger painted christmas balls on them, so im going to stick them to plain card and stamp a christmas slogan inside :)

Last Weekend in Sept 09

and I made my son a basket weave crochet scarf :) im really well pleased with it :) i followed you tube tjw1963's basketweave square and i just kept going to make a scarf, think i done 70 rows and it fits him great, although i feel its a little too wide, but it'll be perfect to keet all his neck warm.
I'm starting a hat to match tomorrow.
Last sunday, 20th sept 09, i made a scarf using super chunky wool, knitted and its 15 stitches x 111 rows, its lovely n warn n think :) then durring the week i decided to use another ball of the same chunky wool to make a skinny scarf, thats 8 stitches x 221 rows... again lovely and warm and long :)

once ive done the hat, im going to attempt a wee pair of mittens for him too, all in the same patons baby fab blue wool, its an unusual blue too, so no one else will have it :)

pics will be added once mobile blogging starts to work :)

U Tube

well as u can see from the panel on the right, i have added a u tube gadget, but im very relatively new to u tube, well had an account for a few years possibly, but only really started to add videos. more will be added in the next few months.
Ill try and get some of my crafty stuff on their too :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009


argh, im in pain :(
i think i have an abscese, i can feel the swelling, i cant get to a dentist till i register with a new one as the one i go to just now, which is not an NHS one, is crap! they have ruined my 2 year old son's teeth! we are both cow dairy intolorant/allergic, so i kept telling them to help us to increase our calcium on our teeth, and they told me his teeth was fine and they didnt need to do anything!! so im waiting on a referal to child smile, but been waiting over 6 months so far, and his teeth are getting worse :( he doesnt get a lot of sugary foods, but what i did used to do, until i realised it was worse than giving a bar of chocolate was buy/make a lot of smoothies.. he really likes them and they are healthy for u, just not your teeth due to all the natural acid :( so until his referal comes in i dont know what practice to sign up with as i want us in the same place...

totally catch 22 just now :( doesnt help that i dont like taking medicine, but im on paracetamol every few hours :( just wanna cry :'(

Saturday, 5 September 2009

1st post, who am I?

Hia, I'm Lola

I'm a single mum who is just starting to get crafty, I have recently taken up knitting after a 15 year of absence and even then I wasn't great at it. I have in the past 3 months learned to crochet, and done 6 hats for a local hospital as part of a knit-a-thon, 1 modeled by winnie the poo, and will be uploaded later.

I'm good at drawing and painting, although I havent done much in over 10 years, hoping to get back into that soon. I like drawing flowers and using watercolours and basic paints.

I recently quit my job, and started college doing an access to university and social work course. I'm an avid promoter for natural baby feeding, in otherwords, stop using milk from a different species and give your baby what they are looking for and NEED! Breastmilk - thé only milk!

So far I have finished a few projects, knitted baby cubes, filled with toy stuffing and a few bells to make it jingle, sowed felt letters on to make the babies names and given as christening gifts. 1 bootie made too big, so would fit about 18month - 24month old, 6 small baby hats, a voile curtain for my small hall window.

What I'm looking to make is a baby girl dress, a crochet blanket (I can't get it to even out!) some toddler sized jumpers and cardigans for my son, socks, and gifts.

Im just getting into cooking and baking, loving making cookies just now, practicing for christmas presents.

Should have pics uploaded sometime soon

Enjoy and take care :)