Sunday, 27 September 2009


argh, im in pain :(
i think i have an abscese, i can feel the swelling, i cant get to a dentist till i register with a new one as the one i go to just now, which is not an NHS one, is crap! they have ruined my 2 year old son's teeth! we are both cow dairy intolorant/allergic, so i kept telling them to help us to increase our calcium on our teeth, and they told me his teeth was fine and they didnt need to do anything!! so im waiting on a referal to child smile, but been waiting over 6 months so far, and his teeth are getting worse :( he doesnt get a lot of sugary foods, but what i did used to do, until i realised it was worse than giving a bar of chocolate was buy/make a lot of smoothies.. he really likes them and they are healthy for u, just not your teeth due to all the natural acid :( so until his referal comes in i dont know what practice to sign up with as i want us in the same place...

totally catch 22 just now :( doesnt help that i dont like taking medicine, but im on paracetamol every few hours :( just wanna cry :'(

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