Monday, 28 September 2009

Hallo'ween, what to make?

ok, so Lj's really into Peter Pan. But for a friends party in May i made a Peter Pan costume (see my profile pic :)) my fingers where sooo sore after hand stitching the material onto teh stiffner board stuff. but due to already being Peter Pan this year, i'm thinking of attempting to make a Captain Hook outfit, as he loves playing at being Hook, and attacking me with the pirate sword we got at a recent trip away. But I think its going to be really hard to do. so the Pan outfit is looking good again lol
Then i remembered when we where down England visiting family, i purchased 2 dressing up outfits, 1 a fireman's and 1 a policeman's outfit, both come with hats that have flashing lights and matching sounds, feels like a cop-out if i use one of those tho :(

going to make ghost shape cookies to give out to trick or treaters, this time they will be on sticks and wrapped up. this is teh trial run for the christmas stock :) wish me luck!

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