Monday, 28 September 2009

Last Weekend in Sept 09

and I made my son a basket weave crochet scarf :) im really well pleased with it :) i followed you tube tjw1963's basketweave square and i just kept going to make a scarf, think i done 70 rows and it fits him great, although i feel its a little too wide, but it'll be perfect to keet all his neck warm.
I'm starting a hat to match tomorrow.
Last sunday, 20th sept 09, i made a scarf using super chunky wool, knitted and its 15 stitches x 111 rows, its lovely n warn n think :) then durring the week i decided to use another ball of the same chunky wool to make a skinny scarf, thats 8 stitches x 221 rows... again lovely and warm and long :)

once ive done the hat, im going to attempt a wee pair of mittens for him too, all in the same patons baby fab blue wool, its an unusual blue too, so no one else will have it :)

pics will be added once mobile blogging starts to work :)

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