Saturday, 5 September 2009

1st post, who am I?

Hia, I'm Lola

I'm a single mum who is just starting to get crafty, I have recently taken up knitting after a 15 year of absence and even then I wasn't great at it. I have in the past 3 months learned to crochet, and done 6 hats for a local hospital as part of a knit-a-thon, 1 modeled by winnie the poo, and will be uploaded later.

I'm good at drawing and painting, although I havent done much in over 10 years, hoping to get back into that soon. I like drawing flowers and using watercolours and basic paints.

I recently quit my job, and started college doing an access to university and social work course. I'm an avid promoter for natural baby feeding, in otherwords, stop using milk from a different species and give your baby what they are looking for and NEED! Breastmilk - thé only milk!

So far I have finished a few projects, knitted baby cubes, filled with toy stuffing and a few bells to make it jingle, sowed felt letters on to make the babies names and given as christening gifts. 1 bootie made too big, so would fit about 18month - 24month old, 6 small baby hats, a voile curtain for my small hall window.

What I'm looking to make is a baby girl dress, a crochet blanket (I can't get it to even out!) some toddler sized jumpers and cardigans for my son, socks, and gifts.

Im just getting into cooking and baking, loving making cookies just now, practicing for christmas presents.

Should have pics uploaded sometime soon

Enjoy and take care :)

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