Monday, 19 September 2011

lies, lies & more lies.

I now understand why I was acting the way I was, abt questioning if it is me sabotaging 'my happiness'...
No, I wasn't.
He has lied.
And it is major.
It is not something that I can totally ignore.
Just need to bid my time.
It has been completely thought out. Which in turn, means that their are lots if little lies.
To help the major lie be convincing.
Which also means their are many slip ups, which is what I have unconsciously been picking up on.

I have not called him on this, as it is a lot of little things, I do have a few bits of 'evidence' but if I use them, then I will look psychotic .. but if he didn't have the slip ups I wouldn't have been drawn to where the proof was, nor have a clue at the magnitude of what he has/is/was/will done/doing.

I am going to 'let it play out' and see where this goes.
My hearts door has been firmly shut, and I refuse to let it sink any further.
I will be the 'good' girlfriend, as I do like him, he makes me laugh, I smile a lot when in his company, I am me when with him, I just refuse to be what he wants from now on.
I will be able to walk away, as and when the time comes, without being the hurt one.
I'll just have lots of fun on the way.

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