Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stood up Sunday...

Only the 8th or 9th in a row... but that's not the post for today, it just so happens that due to being ignored this weekend (again) we could MAKE stuff.

And we made blue play dough, with a little peppermint oil (for candy) and yellow play dough with some lemon oil (again edible, not that u want to eat play dough, but just incase, then its not harmful) they smell good.

Then we made jelly, in molds, just waiting on them to set, then it was off to drama class. When we got back, master L wanted to make lollys to freeze, so we mashed up the fruit
(Strawberries and blueberries in separate bowls)
Added goats yogurt and honey to each bowl
Gave a good mix then spoon them into these new freezer molds.

Put the lids on and now they are in the freezer.

Really lucky that we had any to freeze, cos every time I looked master L was having sneaky spoonfuls