Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Ok, Ok, Ok,....

So I got into West of Scotland Uni and Callie, accepting Callie, and keeping my options open by waiting to hear how I get on for HND social sciences.

Just need to figure out what I'm going to do abt Lyle's nursery, as he got into highlanders Gaelic unit, but they only d from 9:15 - 11:45, and I wont get home till 6 at the earliest. Soo looking into St Mary's for a wrap around service or Uni nursery.

Next lot is: going on holiday next week, Lyle, me, mum, dad, Gary n his mate, 1 week all Inc. Costa Brava.

Daddydickhead got engaged Dec/Jan,  I'm 99.9% certain that Mrs DDH is 3/4 months.

A few weeks ago we agreed that after Easter, he would take Lyle another day during the week, last Friday (9th April) he tells me he can't afford to take him an extra day (to pick him up, take for dinner, play and drop him back home!) This is same Guy who's wedding reception is in a £9000 hall!  (And Lyle's not invited!  He's only to be at the chapel!) And him n his Mrs are moving into a rent free house!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had Lyle's 3rd birthday party, was great!  Pirate theme, I dressed up, looked cute lol Lyle's was fantastic, pics up soon.

Anyways that was my update for now, oh NEARLY forgot....  I bought 2 beautiful silk outfits for these 3 weddings ive got this summer,  1 is a teal corset dress, verrrrrry sex and the city, got magenta wrap, bag, chain and shoes. The 2nd outfit is a green corset top, and brown skirt, that flicks out a little. ... pure loving them both...

Oh recently lost 3lb (from my big toe lol)

Night all.