Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The world is not all bad aqnd night 23

When you say Russia, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Cold? Anti-Gay? lock up greenpeace type people? fuzzy hats? dancing whilst squatting? vodka? snow?

Maybe this little 5+mins video will surprise you? It certainly made a tear drop from my eye.

Faith in humanity restored. This is known as the "Russian video that made the world cry"

Last night, night 22, I watched a docu- type film called The Cave, one ukranian extended families fight for survival against the nazi's and also their own neighbours. Longest survival in a cave since man kind left caves aparently.

We also went and seen Thor 2 at the pictures. It was a great way to spend an otherwise boring dull Monday night. It was a lot better than Thor 1, but no where near as good as Avengers Assemble. I dont think any comic book film is going to be that great again until the next avengers. Loki was great and provided the humour, not kids laugh out loud humour, more smirking type.

Struggled to get to bed and struggled to get out of bed. I think its the time of year. Going to look into those S.A.D. lamps.

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