Sunday, 24 November 2013

Night 21.

Went good , Saturday night film night, Lyle picked kick ass again. I folded and put away clothes then we both went to bed back of 10 and both got up abt half 9.

I really need to change it from DVD night to games night and start playing the board games we have.

Found inside last years advent calendar, some of our activities. Think I will add some of these to this years.

Today, we are going to see my sisters New house. Rather exciting! We are giving our 'spare' advent calendar to them. It was always intended to be for them anyways, even though I bought it years before Rio was born. At the time, I wanted to buy 3, but only 2 left. I will make one for Gary, when he has children, and that won't be for years yet, although I do hope that he doesn't end up like Gordon; mid 30's, no kids, still living at the parents with a real fear of commitment. One thing is for sure tho, he won't be dependent on the family for money like Gordon. Gary has always made sure he keeps his and is slowly working to become a millionaire. One day :)

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