Friday, 22 November 2013


It's crazy to think that I have already paid over £30,000 towards my house.
I'm a little shocked.
Nearly paid HALF my actual purchase price in just over 6 years, and yet I still have 13, yes thirteen long years left before I will own my house outright.

I am gobsmacked at this thought.

Another seven years to pay off the house and another six years of interest payments!  Seventy-two months of having to work to pay back interest.

Another way to look at it is I have just spent a little over 6 years paying interest, and in a few weeks or months, I start to pay back the purchase price of my house. Every penny from now on goes towards me owning more and more sheets of timber.
It's a sobering thought.

It also makes me want to cry. Instead I will go to bed, for the first time this week, before 11pm.
Good night and sweet dreams Night 20.

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