Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No Christmas Cards please,

We're frugals! and givers. Just not wasters of money (postage), and trees!
I do have cards that i got in the sales a few years back that son will be giving to those in his class as it helps with his writing.

22 meals for £3. You say it can't be done? A Girl Called Jack says otherwise.
I have not been on her blog for a long while, but had a wee look at that post today, which ties in with me not sending out christmas cards IF i see you daily, instead I am donating food to the local food bank and church.

It won’t be easy, but you will have encouragement.
It won’t be without pitfalls, but you will have someone to pull you out.
It won’t be without personal challenges but you will have cheerleaders to get you through.
It won’t be without dark days but we will help you see the light.  - NinjaSavingKat

Just Say No November - I would love to join in these types of challenges, butt he way I shop it is not possible. Although with a bit more organising I'm sure I could.

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