Monday, 25 November 2013

It's midnight, on night 22

and i am just starting this post.
reason being, i clicked on a link tonight that took me to something interesting. I don't normally watch the videos but for some reason i did tonight. Part of me wishes i can erase it the other part of me glad i am more aware even though it leaves me scared shitless. forgive my french.
It is all about Britain and its debt.
I've read a few bits n bobs whilst looking at different things for my mortgage and small savings, just little snippets of do u fix ur mortgage interest rate just now, or later. how long to fix for? they recon in 2015/16 that the interest rates are going to increase. This program thinks from 2015 on-wards, some other sites have said 2020.
The scary thing is, the anarchy that is going to descend. /look at the riots a few years back, that caught on up and down England (cant say that was a British wide thing, no matter how much the media tried. it did not happen in Norther Ireland, Scotland nor Wales). Now if our financial position changed completely, and people where being evicted from houses, pensions cut, banks being forced to keep your money, this place will descend into hell. And that is what i am scared about. We though growing up in/after Thatcher was bad, what is coming will be worse. The modern technology age makes things that are far away, be in your homes, and that fire grows very quickly. Look what blackberry messenger service done during the riots! I don't want my son to grow up in that environment.

I currently have a pension through work. I pay £30/month towards this. I got a statement in this week and it does not look good. I do not know enough about pensions to understand it.

Where would I go to learn about pensions and what is the best option for me???

Aaarrgh! this is one of the main reasons why i want the mortgage paid of ASAP. Then I would not need to worry about interest rates on any debt that i had.

And randomly i just seen on seo alba that the Scottish Government just bought Prestwick Airport for one pound!

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