Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Night 8

Stayed up for Under the Dome. If that was the last episode of the series, it wasn't a great ending, if that is the 'penultimate' episode, it was ok. 
I also watched an episode of The Middle. I just love that program, and so does Lyle. I suppose its his 'Malcolm in the middle' .

Somehow when I set my alarms last night, it was coming up for midnight.
Gutted that I procrastinated to stay up later, for no reason at all. Nothing great on telly, wasn't reading anything, didn't do dishes or laundry or anything.
Kept ignoring the alarm in the morning. Heard Lyle run from the toilet to his room when the 1st alarm went.
He runs to stop Lightning getting in.
When I eventually forced myself awake abt quarter past, I called through to Lyle and in he came with his star wars build-a-bear teddy that he got a few Christmases ago, and all he wanted to do was come in for a snuggle. How could I refuse that request?
We made it to school, walking through the gates as the bell went.

Tonight I went for an interview with a local solicitors. Don't know if I want the job or not. It's 20 hours a week. Every Friday 9-4 and half days Mon - Thursday.
I've found it best to be open about  being a single parent in interviews. I was also honest abt not starting 9ams. Although in this instance I said abt collecting mail in current job. I don't get much mail so don't need to. So I didn't lie, but wasn't wholesome with my reasons either.

Who knows, earlier nights might mean I'm early to school/work too.

Here is a pic of Lightning, as I just realised I have none on here.

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