Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nearly the end...

...of the year!
And what a year it has been!
Last January, we where knee deep in snow, I started working in Chaplins Bar.
February; I was ill the whole month, and a good way into March.
March was lost in illness and essays.
April was mixed emotions, with a great start for the owl party, but less than a fortnight later, Donna and Noah died in that fateful crash. I also agreed to go out with Gordon this month too.
May and June was lost in a few seperate day/nights of alcohol and depression, which has not abaited yet.
July; Gordon came back.
August; son went back to nursery.
September; met Gordons family, wee night in Glasgow.
had a wee night in the lodges at Cameron house


I've just found this on my drafts list. Just publishing it anyway.

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