Thursday, 29 December 2011


Contract drawn up via solicitors for 'access' to my son (I have always said all he needs to do is call for any other time)
The times are supposed to be EVERY Friday 5-7 and the last Saturday of the month 10-6. Yep. That is all he wanted.
He picks him up from nursery at 3 on a Friday and drops him home at 7. The Saturday depends on the hangover. Normally between 12 and 1 till 5 or 6.
Going with the 6 hours on a Saturday and the 4 on a Friday, that should mean 520 hours a year. To spend with his son.
The reality is less. A lot less. Probably around 400odd hours.

And he thinks he is being a great dad.
Sure, probably the greatest dickhead of all daddy dickheads.

The reason for this rant.
Tomorrow is Friday, Saturday is his Saturday.
It is also his wives birthday.
He txt to say that someone got engaged at Christmas and they have arranged a last min party in Edinburgh. Funny thing is, I got that excuse last year, oh, and the year before.
We are 2 hours away from Edinburgh, they are going to get pissed, and drive back next day. Think they can come pick my son up at 4 or 5 and drop him off at 6 as normal . Not on!
Didn't want to have him Sunday instead coz "ats new years day and u want to spend it with ur family (what, is ur son not family?*) an we'll be hungover".... they have a 1 year old!
Who my son absolutely adores, but doesn't get to spend the time with.
* family according to him; his parents, his sister, her boyfriend - who is his best mate, their 2 girls, 5 + 1. His wife, their 1 year old son, her mum n step dad, her brothers, their aunts, uncles, n cousins.

No where in all that is their a mention of my son. I'm not exaggerating this. A few of the times he cancelled in the past year alone, he has said its 'family' only yet his sisters kids have gone, his cousins kids have gone. When I speak to some of his extended family, they ask why my son wasn't their, I don't lie, I just tell them he didn't get invited.

My son has started to say he doesn't want to go to his dads, didn't want to go on Christmas day, which I had said to be from 1030 to around half 2, ended up being 1 til 2. I have to coax him into going by saying his wee brother will b there, half the time he isn't. So no longer will I be doing it, if he says he doesn't want to go, then he's not going.

I've tried. I run around dropping him off, picking him up, changing my plans to try and make sure they have some sort of relationship but not any more. 

Ok rant over. I've ran out of angry steam and I know deep down that I will still run around for him, all because my son deserves better than what he gets from them.

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