Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday lunch for a dreary day.

Lunch time is now taking over nearly all my waking moments. It is all I think about. From what containers do I have, to I absolutely must buy a Bento box (recently bought a hamburger shaped one & can not wait for it to arrive, via from Hong Kong!).
I am constantly thinking of what to put in those containers. Last week was sandwiches or bagels, with some fruit and a little sweet...
To start this week off, I used small round crackers/biscuits.3 slices of lime, corriander & chilli chucked, diced, goats cheese sliced and 4 cocktail sausages sliced. These went in silicon cupcake cases and into the 2 small sections of the tub.
In the big space is a small bunch of red grapes and a few chocolate coins.
I added an alpro soya chocolate yogurt to the spiderman lunch bag and then from the car (as half my messages are still their from my Tesco shop at 1am!), I added a carton of Orange juice to complete his lunch.
I am actually jealous!
My lunch will most likely be a plain ham sandwich.

If anyone is interested, his play piece today is a Btl of water with the choice of mini pancakes or a 'pains au chocolat'  or fruit flakes.

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