Monday, 11 November 2013

Night 7

Mega disaster. Bed for 10 to midnight :( was really disappointed this morning when I struggled to wake.
I've talked a lot of when I go to bed, but not when I am forced to get up. I set an alarm for 10 to 8. I struggled to get out for half 8. Last week when I was getting to sleep earlier getting up was easier.
This morning; it was a struggle. Forcing my eyes open, forcing myself to turn off the infernal racket that is my alarm. Forcing my feet out of bed and to make my way to the toilet... Get ready, get Lyle up, breakfast ready. Some days, add in shower for either or both of us.
Some days I have to make packed lunches, some days iron school clothes.
And we have to leave for school at 8.45am at the latest.
Some mornings are a real rush. Others, everything just falls into place.
Last week I don't remember it being hard or rushed, thus morning it wasn't either, but we did get to school just as the bell went. And I hate Lyle going in through the office. Although the office door is next door to his class, whereas the door he is to use is opposite side of school, means he is normally 1st in class if we use office door as opposed to being late from walking round and door closed and having to head back to office. We made that mistake many times last year.

Anyways, I am digressing. Last night I watched Revolution, thinking it was the last episode, then remembered that it is Under the Dome that is on the last episode of series 1. Looking forward to it tonight.
Then I hung up the washing, put away the roast chicken then bed.
Tonight I hope to be in bed at 11.
Really hope so. As I obviously need more than 8 hours sleep.

Oh yea, and I was craving chocolate. Time of month. Wonder if it makes much of a difference in ny sleep.

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