Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Advent Calendar

This getting more organised is paying off, I knew where my advent calendar was and I had even put the spare in with the other. Result!

Ideas for our Advent calendar include

  1. Edible treat 
  2. Edible treat 
  3. Edible treat  (at his dads those days)
  4. Read a new book
  5. Have hot chocolate and cookies
  6. Make a Christmas Star with Mum
  7. Write a letter to Santa
  8. Go to the Christmas party at school
  9. Go see the Christmas lights
  10. Go sledding with Mum
  11. Invite a friend over for Christmas movie night with treats
  12. Have lunch at a special restaurant with our family (my birthday)
  13. Write out Christmas Cards
  14. Decorate cookies for the neighbours
  15. Read 'T was the night before Christmas
  16. Make Snowflakes
  17. Visit Santa in his Grotto
  18. Winter walk to feed the swans and ducks
  19. Cinema with After School care
  20. Donate food/clothes/toys
  21. Perform in Christmas School Show
  22. Make Christmas Play do'h
  23. Christmas Giving Tree at Chapel
  24. Have dinner by candle light
 The only one I can see that may be a problem is Go Sledding/Sledging. That all depends on the weather.
But I have my list. I just now need to make them look fancy and fit in the stockings. in the correct order for what is happening. I will try and have a few spares for those that we cant get done

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