Monday, 11 November 2013

Night 6

Saturday night, me n Lyle watched HP and the Half Blood Prince. Gordon used to say, if you hadn't read the books, the films don't really make much sense.
It's not completely true, but not far from it either.
Having never really liked the films, before I had even seen them. To recently re-reading the books (can't find my Deathly Hallows, so currently spending 2 lunch hours a week in the library) its plain to see, that the films have the same outcomes, but the journeys are very different.
Film finished around 10 and we both went to bed.
Lyle came into my bed during the night, saying he had a bad dream. He doesn't like to talk abt bad dreams at night, so I moved over and gave him room for him and his two teddies.
Next day he told me that a bully was bullying his friend in our kitchen and his teacher was there and that our cat, Lightning was walking around. Not the worst dream, but he didn't like it. So came in for a cuddle.
Im unsure if I should let him watch the 7th and 8th films. They actually are not too bad, not as bad as the books, but then, I always feel that books are 'worse', you see every death, every bad bit and every good bit. The films only show what 1 person (script writers/directors/Warner Brothers) wants you to see.
And good still beats evil. Maybe give it a few weeks .

Woke up on Sunday feeling good. No alarms set, yet we both woke before 8.

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