Monday, 4 November 2013

A little nap at work...

(written up in March and not posted as I wanted to get a picture, but this is relevant to my Novemeber Challenge)

I was soo tired yesterday that I almost fell asleep in work. So during my lunch break, I contructed a make-shift bed and rested. I couldn't go for a little nap as I only had 15 mins left after I got everything else done that I needed to do.

So what is making me soo tired?
Late nights? Not really.
Super early mornings? Again; not really.
Not enough good food? nope, lots of vegetables and fruit in our diet.
A lot of ready-made meals, take aways? Nope. I dont buy ready made meals to bung in the microwave ever. We cook from scratch as much as possible, and any food I do buy that I haven't went out and picked/chopped myself, I get the one with the less ingredients and as little else added as possible (Chopped Tomatoes for example).

So what can it be?

I've been eating more of it lately and I feel sluggish, run down and knackered all the time. Time to cut the bread back again. After I finish my chamomile tea with honey and jam on toast that I am having for lunch as the bf ate the last of the ham I had for lunches this week!

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