Thursday, 28 November 2013

Night 24, 25 & 26

Sorry, I have not forgot about here, I have just been super busy at work, which is where I normally post from.
So night 23; Tueaday. Long as normal what with karate and not getting home till half 8. I was in bed for not long after ten pm.

Last night, Wednesday I was beat. I'm struggling to get up in the morning, even though I'm getting around 8 hours sleep every night. I just can barely bring myself to get out of bed in the morning.

Tonight I've just watched an episode of greys anatomy and once I'm finished here, I'm off to bed.

I have looked into those sunrise type alarm clocks. Found 1 for £15, but the reviews are mixed. It's not a *real* one and the light doesn't come on gradual but its not too bright a light either.
The cheapest *real* one I've found is by lumie. Only bad things I have read about it is u need to set it every night, and it doesn't have back up batteries, so if their is a power cut, then it won't work in the morning.
Oh and its £60.
£60 for an alarm clock.
Such a big decision to make.

(I'll add in the links when at work).

Downloaded The White Papers to read. I *think* I'm voting yes, even though their is a lot of uncertainty. But anything's gotta be better than being ruled by Westminster (not being ruled by Brussels would be great too... And that is what I want clarified)

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