Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Night 16

Tuesday - didn't find it too hard to get out of bed, but it still was not a great prospect as I could hear others out de-icing their cars.
We had a small flurry of hail/slush and snow last night. yep 18th November and predicted snow weather has started.

I de-iced the car with a spray bottle 2/3rds full of vinegar and 1/3rd full of warm water. Ice came off really easy after spraying. some windows I didn't even need to push it off as it just melted away. 

Today is long as Lyle has karate. I hope to be in bed for 10/11pm. My record is getting worse these days instead of better.

I finish this from my bed, after being unable to find a notebook to scribble down the window measurements. Their goes the no electronics after 9.
But it is befor 12.
Good night.

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