Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Night 1

First ever sleep report makes for some sad reading.
  • too many people only getting around 5 hours sleep a night. 
  • too many people staying up stressing/worrying, around half the population of Great Britain
  • around 7.9 million people use alcohol to get to sleep
  • 6.8 million self medicate with over the counter drugs. 
Those quick stats are rather worrying on thier own. lack of sleep makes for tired drivers. People drinking to get to sleep, how much are they drinking? Drunk sleep is not the same as a good sleep.  Neither is medicated sleep. Those drugs may help you to sleep, but it never feels good, just like passing out doesnt feel good when u come around. What else are those drugs affecting?

Other reigons are broken down, but here is the one of interest to me

11:20pm – time average person in Scotland goes to bed.
Average person gets 6hrs 28 minutes of sleep per night
15% have used alcohol as a remedy to help them get to sleep
41% of people say that worry/stress keeps them awake at night. (LOWEST)
31% of people only get between 5-6 hours sleep per night, whilst 10% get under 5 hours of sleep per night.

Mine- I aimed for 10, cleared an area in the very messy living room, started at 9 and was still going abt half 10, Under the Dome had started so I watched the rest and was in bed for around 20 past eleven.
Will do better tonight!

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