Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Juice diets

Whats it all about?
Think I am slow on the uptake of this 'fad'.
I read a great wee blog called Truely Madly Kids and one of the bloggers blogged about her attempt at the '5lb in 5 days' app by Jason Vale. Since reading her 5 days, it got me thinking; I really need a kick start for my fitness. I was unable to do Tough Mudder due to my face having a golf ball growing out the side due to a dodgy tooth resulting in some bone loss from my jaw and an open wound where the tooth was removed. In a way it was a god send, as I knew I was not at a reasonable level of fitness for Tough Mudder, in another I was gutted, as I still wanted to try it.

Back to the juicing. I ordered his Slim for life book and could not read it. I don't like his style of writing. I then bought his Ultimate Fast Food book, and I could read this one better. Some bits I glazed over, but his thinking is similar to mine.

Don't count calories - anything can make you fat if you do not move, and processed foods are destroying us (he doesn't say this, but their is 2 whole paragraphs on a study done on cats, that is basically telling us this same thing).

I got out my 7 nearly 8 year old juicer last night and juiced 3 organic carrots, 3 little apples, and a few strawberries, and it was delicious (I added some coconut water, just because I think their is a lot of good stuff in coconut water).

Today at work, I juiced 1/4 pineapple, 1 apple and 1 kiwi for breakfast. oh and added some coconut water.

And it tasted good. 

Today at lunch time, I went to Boots the Chemist and weighed myself. I haven't weighed myself in possibly years.

I found out 2 things.

1st; I have shrunk. the machine digitally measures how tall you are. I am now 5 feet 4.1 inches. I have always been 5'5. Always. Not now. Now I am 5' 4.1 or 1.63m

2nd; I weigh  12 stone 12lb. or 82.1kg

Lets make that 3 things. My B.M.I is 30.9.

I officially weigh more now than when I was over 8 months pregnant.

My slip also advises that my ideal B.M.I. is between 18.5 and 25 which equates to 7st10lb (49.1kg) to 10st6lb (66.4kg). From personal experience, 7 stone anything is too skin and bone for me, my best is from 8 stone to 9 stone, it is when I look my best.  Long term goal is to get to 9st.

Looks like that gym membership is closer to being purchased, but at nearly £40 a month, will I use it enough to justify the price?

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