Monday, 8 July 2013

What I read, just for fun...

I read this website regulary, even tho i am not Jewish (well are we not all a little Jewish if we are Christian? ) anyways, i started reading it as I was interested in what Mayim Bialik had to say (her from Blossom and now The Big Bang Theory) today I read which actually made me laugh out loud, and some of the comments, then i read on the subject of Parent Guilt (and if you dont experience that every so often, then u are not parenting correctly haha) and one of the last ones i read of one tiny part of your day as a parent with limited resources.... i did then go and read some more similar to the 'i threw my child down the stairs' blog. It is a great wee website just to give u the confidence that you are not alone. ever. someone somewhere has been through something similar to what you are.

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