Sunday, 19 February 2012

No monsters in this house!

We watched a dvd in bed tonight, the Fantastic Mr Fox - truly a fantastic film. Lyle, who did not even want to watch it, loved it!
When the film finished we done all the bed time things we do, brush teeth, wash face etc, jump back into bed, kiss, cuddle, I love u thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much to the moon and back. Etc etc. I turn the light out, put the little fan heater on and Lyle says "mum I don't like the dark, incase any monsters want to come in." So I precede to tell him the same thing I have been saying for nearly 3 years; "we don't have monsters in our house, monsters are only made up for cartoons like scooby soo..." GASP!  As I'm saying this a little stallings flies out my open mirrored wardrobe and hits the roof a few times, both of us dive under the covers, heart going 10 to a dozen, I peek out, see its a bird and prepare to get brave.
Turn the heater off and the bird goes back into hiding. I open the window and put the heater back on, tell Lyle to go under the covers just in case the bird poo's on him and as I say that, the poor frightened creature flies soo fast out the window it nearly flew into the lamp post.
Half an hour later and my heart is just starting to calm down.

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